Cycycéramique is a young ceramic company powered by Cynthia Moreau.
Its porcelain pieces, which come in two main collections, are handcrafted with care and lots of love.

Artistic approach

Ceramic is Cynthia's favorite medium because it combines artistic expression with a fine technical knowledge of the material. As a ceramist, their process is as rational as it is intuitive and creative. Their life journey has led them to discover and appreciate the complexity of the relationship between nature and culture. Ceramics offers them the opportunity to explore these fascinating links between human action and the elements of nature that are earth, water, air and fire.

Basically, it is spontaneous action that fuels their creative process. They like imperfection, the raw, the authentic, the crooked line and detours. They like having to stop and take the time to look and touch. Thus, each piece is unique and has a particular character. They all create a singular emotion, they all evoke a personal story.

Sometimes soft, aggressive, happy or sad, each of the pieces represents a different part of the artist.


Our history

Pottery entered Cynthia Moreau's life more than ten years ago. A first pottery class, taken simply for the purpose of having fun and expressing one's creativity, led to instant love at first sight!
For the next five years, evening classes followed one another. It was in the studio of the Maison des métiers d'art de Québec that he first explored his passion. This place was his haven of peace and a place where research and creation were in full swing. 

In 2015, the decision was made to devote himself full time to learning this much loved profession. This year represents a big leap to get the necessary tools to live from his passion. 

It was during training at the Bonsecours Ceramic Center in Montreal that the artist discovered the diversity of clays, the plurality of firing possibilities and the amazing world of decoration techniques. It is by showing curiosity, perseverance and determination that Cynthia graduated with a first collection that combines clearly mastered technical knowledge and a sincerely authentic artistic approach.   

A decade later, a great love story still reigns between the artist and his material.

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Video credit : Kevin Brunelle